How to Find Your Cataract Surgeon

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Today, I’ll share with you some important points to help you pick your cataract surgeon. While there are many great eye surgeons and cataract surgery is very safe and effective, picking the right surgeon will help you have the best experience.

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3 Essential Tips to find the right eye surgeon for you

Trust in your Surgeon

This may the most important point in the whole process. The doctor-patient relationship is at the center of having a good surgery experience. While most cataract surgeons have excellent credentials, not all have a great bedside manner. If your cataract surgeon isn’t someone you have known a long time, you certainly want to make sure you feel comfortable when you meet them. Don’t sacrifice your experience because your surgeon is curt or has a bad attitude. If you don’t feel comfortable around your surgeon then find one you do! That trust in the relationship will give you the peace of mind to know that they will take great care of you.

Refractive Cataract Surgery Available

Today, cataract surgery can offer much more than simply removing the cataract and putting in a lens implant. With a surgeon skilled in modern techniques and technology, cataract surgery could reduce your dependence on glasses and readers. Many times with similar outcomes to LASIK. From femtosecond laser to advanced technology lens implants, there are a lot of great options. Some cataract surgeons offer the full range of options while others do not. Also, not all surgeons will take the time to review your options with you.

Back to the importance of trust and the doctor patient relationship. Not all patients are good candidates for refractive cataract surgery. For other patients, making the decision can feel overwhelming. Having confidence in your surgeon will give you peace of mind while you go through the process.

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Who Does the Surgery?

While this might seem like an odd question…it is an important one to know ahead of time! It is also important to know who will manage your care after surgery. In some practices, you wont meet your cataract surgeon until the day of surgery, and you may not see them again afterward. Someone else may do the preoperative consult and planning and the post op care. This model is common in “high volume” practices. In other practices, your cataract surgeon does it all, including the post op care. This is more common in solo or small group practices. Of course, there are also practices that offer a hybrid.

I was very surprised the first time a patient asked me if I would be doing their surgery. “Of course!” I said. At Tailored Eyes, we value developing the doctor patient relationship but the question really highlights how different it can be elsewhere!

Which Surgeon is Best for Me?

Just like cataract surgery itself, there is no one surgeon, one technique, or single care model that is best for everyone. We all have different priorities. The decision on who and where is right for you should be based on how you feel after a consultation with your eye surgeon. At Tailored Eyes, we take the time to understand your vision needs and your goals after surgery to help you make the right decision. If you value that time with your surgeon and having your surgeon do your post op care then a solo or small group model like Tailored Eyes may be a good fit for you.


Cataract surgery today can improve your visual clarity and may reduce your dependence on glasses. It is an exciting time to have cataract surgery. Before you go forward, make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and take time to review your options together.

I’m Dr. Kane, and that’s my take on it.

At Tailored Eyes, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your eyes and together formulate a customized treatment plan to meet your vision needs.

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