Frequently Asked Questions:

What does pending In-Network contract mean?

That means that we have requested a contract from the insurance carrier and have agreed upon the terms and are waiting for the contract to be issued by the insurance company.

If I'm out of network, can I still come to Tailored Eyes and see Dr. Kane?

Yes, we are happy to take care of you independent of your insurance carrier. We accept out of network benefits. If you are not sure if your policy allows for out of network benefits, please contact your insurance carrier directly.

I don't have insurance or out of network benefits, can I still come to Tailored Eyes and see Dr. Kane?

Yes, we have an affordable fee schedule for patients without insurance or who do not have Out of Network Benefits to receive high-quality eye care. This scenario is common for HMO plans. We also accept Care Credit.

Do I need records from my previous doctor?

Having your records sent from your prior doctor is often helpful for continuity of care. Here is a Medical Records Release Form you can use to aid in obtaining the records. (link to medical records release form – sent by email)

Will my eyes be dilated?

All new patients and surgical consultations should expect to be dilated. You should also expect to be dilated at your annual visit or if you have new symptoms requiring a problem visit. Please bring sunglasses to your appointment. If you do not feel comfortable driving after dilation, please bring a driver with you as well.

What is a refraction and why does it cost extra?

A refraction is the “better 1 or 2” test done during your exam to measure your eyes for a corrective lens prescription. CMS (Medicare) ruled that a refraction is considered part of “routine care” and therefore is a noncovered service. This means that doctors must charge for refractions. Our fee for a glasses refraction is $55 and for contact lenses is $110.

Should I wear my glasses or contact lenses to my appointment?

If you are coming for a refractive surgery screening or cataract surgery evaluation, please try to stay out of your lenses and wear your glasses for 1 week prior to your exam. Otherwise, you can feel free to wear glasses or contact lenses to your visit. Please remember to bring a case and solution for contact lens storage as you will be asked to remove your lenses temporarily during your visit.

How do I obtain a refill my medication?

Call the office (941-499-1570) during business hours about any medication needs. After hours calls about medications are reserved for surgical care patients and emergencies.

What do I do if I am having an eye emergency?

If you are having an emergency or significant trauma, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. For less urgent eye problems, please call the office at 941-499-1570 for guidance.

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