Top 3 Most Comfortable Contact Lenses

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Today I’ll share with you my favorite brands of contact lenses and safety tips to keep your eyes healthy while wearing them. I have no financial interest in any of the companies listed here.

Are you wearing outdated contact lenses?

Soft (disposable) contact lenses have been around for decades, but there have been some amazing recent advances in lens technology to improve their wearability and safety. If you have been using the same brand for more than a few years, or find that your contacts get uncomfortable towards the end of the day, it may be time to make a switch. The latest models of lenses come in a wide variety of sizes, curvatures, and even colors for a personalized fit. Many brands are enhanced with materials such as silicone or hydrogel to maximize comfort on the eye.

How I judge a contact lens


The two factors that guarantee comfort are fit and moisture. Your eye has unique dimensions including width and curvature. A lens that is too tight or too loose won’t feel right and will be difficult to wear all day. A lens that becomes dry after a few hours of wear will leave your eye feeling irritated. If you already suffer from dry eye, it is especially important to pick a lens with a high moisture rating.


The front surface of the eye needs oxygen to regenerate new cells and stay healthy. Some contact lenses will “breathe” better than others by allowing more oxygen to reach the eye’s surface. If the cells are robbed of oxygen, there can be serious long-term damage. Over the course of years, a suffocated eye surface will lose the ability to generate new skin cells, leading to breakdown and very painful ulcers. Oxygenation of the cornea is also affected by how many hours each day you spend in contact lenses. Taking your contact lenses out once you get home allows your eyes to rest and breathe. It is also important to replace your lenses with a fresh pair as recommended by the manufacturer (daily, monthly, etc.).


One potential risk of wearing contact lenses is eye infection. We’re not talking about just a stye or pink eye, but a severely painful ulcer on the cornea that can take weeks or months to heal and can lead to vision loss. A corneal ulcer can be caused by a buildup of bacteria or fungus on a contact lens. One way to decrease bacterial load on contact lenses is to use daily disposables. Studies have shown a lower risk of infection among users of daily disposable lenses. Keep reading for more tips on ways to avoid eye infections while wearing contact lenses.

The Best Disposable Lenses

#1: Alcon Daily Total 1. This lens has a top moisture rating, excellent breathability, and the benefits of being a daily disposable.

#2: Alcon Precision 1. Very close in performance to the Daily Total 1, but for a more affordable price. It is also a daily disposable lens.

#3: CooperVision Biofinity. Another lens with high moisture and breathability ratings, with added benefits. The Biofinity lens has different dimensions from the Alcon brand, and may be a better fit for some wearers. It also comes in a wide range of toric powers, which helps to correct astigmatism.

Can I keep my contacts in while I sleep?

NO! Sleeping in contact lenses is extremely dangerous due to the risk of serious, eye-threatening infections. There is no brand that is safe to sleep in.

Tips to reduce the risk of infection

—Wash your hands before touching your lenses.

—Store and rinse your lenses only with solution that is specifically made for contact lenses.

—Change your contact lens storage case every time you change your solution bottle, which should be every 1-2 months.

—Always remove your contact lenses before falling asleep. Don’t sleep in them, EVER. Not even for a quick cat nap.

—Try daily disposable lenses.

—Avoid wearing contact lenses when swimming, especially in pools and hot tubs. If you must swim in them, throw that pair away afterward and grab a fresh pair.

—Treat your dry eye. See my post ““. Consult with your eye doctor to make sure you are on effective dry eye treatments.


Contact lenses can be a fantastic vision aid when they fit well and are worn safely. At Tailored Eyes, we carry a wide selection of my favorite lenses. Come in for a consultation and sample a new pair of contacts. Be safe! If you notice eye redness, discharge, pain, decrease in vision, or notice a white spot on your cornea, these are the warning signs of a serious eye infection and you should seek medical attention immediately.

I’m Dr. Kane, and that’s my take on it.

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